Unit Suggestions - UK Game

  • Name- Traffic Bike
    Service- Police
    Purpose- required for any traffic related jobs such as fail to stops etc.
    Cost- 8000
    How many personel requried- 1 Max
    Training- Solo Bike Trained
    Building expansion- None
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots- 0

    Graphic Designer [Vehicles, Station Icons & Mission Graphics]
    Member of Uk Combined Emergency Services
    Realistic Missionchief Dispatcher

  • Name: Conservation Officer (Wildlife police)
    Service: Police
    Purpose: Attend calls with wildlife/animals
    Cost: 6000
    How many personnel required: 1-2
    Training: roads policing, firearm
    Building expansion: none
    Number of prisoners/patient slots: 2

  • NameFire Investigation Unit (FIU)
    ServiceFire and Rescue
    PurposeInvestigating suspicious fires and investigating explosions
    TrainingFire Investigation, Forensics
    ExpansionFire Investigation
    NameFire Investigation dog carrier
    PurposeAssist FIU crews at incidents
    Personnel1 + 2 dogs
    TrainingFire Investigation, forensics and dog handling
    ExpansionFire Investigation
  • NameCoastguard Seperate Units (Search And Rescue Unit/Mud Rescue Unit /Rope Rescue Unit/Water Rescue Unit)
    Purpose-Respond to coastguard defined rescue callouts such as stranded hiker,rescues specific to coastal marsh areas,sand specific areas and offshore responses
    Cost-15,000 Per Type Of Unit
    How many personel are requiredMin 2 Max 4
    Training-Search And Rescue(For All Units),Mud Rescue,Rope Rescue,Swift Water Rescue
    Building expansionCoastguard Station
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsNo Slots Needed Ambulance Unit For Transport
  • NameMountain Rescue
    Service-Mountain Rescue
    Purpose-Respond to emergency calls in mountainous or hilly areas and undertake search operations in hard to reach regions such as the moors in various areas.
    How many personel are requiredMin 2 Max 4
    Training-Mountain Rescue Rope Rescue Search And Rescue
    Building expansionMountain Rescue Station
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsRequired Ambulance for transport.
  • NameMountain Rescue Command
    Service-Mountain Rescue
    Purpose-Respond with regular Mountain Rescue Units to High profile or large scale emergency calls in mountainous or hilly areas and undertake search operations in hard to reach regions such as the moors in various areas.
    Responding with normal units to larger incidents used in the same way as the fire ICCU but for search and rescue/Mountain rescue/Flood Rescue missions.
    How many personel are required1-3
    Training-Command Training
    Building expansionMountain Rescue Station
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsNo Slots Does Not Treat Patients
  • NameDiplomatic Protection/Royal Protection
    Purpose-Firearm Capable Police officers differing from typical ARV in game and could be used for missions along same lines but for different scenarios such as protecting diplomats and or royal family members whether foreign or from the UK scenarios vary depending on threat to person/route taken/individuals importance.
    How many personel are required2-4
    Training-Firearms Training Bodyguard Capable Training (Or Something of the sort)
    Building expansionDiplomatic/Royal Protection Expansion To police STation
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsNo Prisoner Slots
  • NameCoastguard Helicopter
    Purpose-Provide pick up of injured patients in response with coastguard/mountain rescue units and or provide search and rescue of areas in event of such callout
    How many personel are required1-3 (example to explain why/1 pilot 1 copilot and for example winch operator and or onboard paramedic)
    Training-Search And Rescue
    Building expansionExpansion For Coastguard station or possibly Standalone Station as IRL they are often based at air force bases navy air bases or airports/airfields
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots1-2 Patients
  • NameEOD (Bomb Disposal)
    Service-Police/Armed Forces
    Purpose-Respond in part with police units to suspected bombs suspicous pakcages and confirmed explosive devices
    How many personel are required1-5
    Training-EOD Training Disposal Robot Training
    Building expansionEOD Unit Station (IRL Based at RAF RN and Army Barracks/Detachments)
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsNo Prisoner Slots
  • NamePolice MArine Unit
    Purpose-Respond to crime missions or help in search and rescue efforts on waterways such as canals,reservoirs,rivers and lakes
    How many personel are required2-4
    Training-Boat Training
    Building expansionPolice Boat Expansion And Or Standalone Station
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsAbility to take 1-3 Suspects in too custody
  • NameRNLI Several Boat Types
    Purpose-Respond to Far off shore emergencys and search efforts in response with coastguard
    Several boat types according to RNLI Fleet such from inshore lifeboat to hovercraft to severn class
    Cost-5,000 too 80,000
    How many personel are requiredEG 1 person- 10 personnel
    Training-Life Boat/ Swift Water Rescue/Search And Rescue
    Building expansionLifeboat Station
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsPossibly Hold Up to 6 Injured or non injured patients
  • NameArson/Fire Investigation Unit
    Purpose-Respond to aftermaths of any type of suspicous or large scale fire incident
    Possibly Include Dogs
    How many personel are required1-3 + 1-2 Dogs
    Training-Fire Investigation Training
    Building expansionFire Investigation Expansion
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsNo Patients
  • NameUSAR Fire Units
    Purpose-USAR Van for USAR specific callouts or for rural SAR Efforts in difficult areas
    USAR K9 unit for searching for injured and lost patients
    USAR Pod ( For Prime Mover) Additional USAR equipment for larger scale USAR Missions
    Cost-van 10,000
    k9 15,000
    pod 18,000
    How many personel are required1-4 van
    1-2 k9 + 1-3 K9
    1-2 pod
    Training-USAR Training
    USAR K9 Training
    Building expansionNormal Fire Station Unless for pod then Prime Mover Expansion
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotNONE
  • NameAnimal Rescue
    Purpose-Respond to emergencys where individual animals are trapped or groups of animal are in danger
    Specifaclly used for areas with high farm land regions
    How many personel are required4
    Training-Animal Rescue Training
    Building expansionNormal Fire Station
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsNone
  • Wow, wow, wow. Lots of new suggestions.

    Mountain/lowland search and rescue I’d love to see added however that will be later on down the line.

    Coastguard and lifeboats will be later on as well.

    Some interesting fire and police update ideas, we have definitely considered things similar for some of them. Things like BTP though we probably won’t add as you could just rename IRV’s for it. We also can not use any real world names like BTP.

    Keep the suggestions coming though!

  • This is just a suggestion that may or may not be able to be considered

    Service-Mountain rescue , sea rescue
    Purpose-be used to find injured person in the mountains also could be used in sea rescue missions
    How many personel are required1 person
    Building expansionMountain rescue/sea rescue
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots
  • NameWater Rescue
    PurposeIn land water rescue
    TrainingSwift Water Rescue
    NameIncident Support Unit
    PurposeSend to incidents with 4 + engines to support

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