Hospital capacity

  • The current hospital capacity is unrealistic and needs to be increased.

    Most ER's can hold more than 30 patients, especially trauma centers. all the hospitals in my area have 30-60 beds, and even then if they get filled they cant turn ambulances away.

    please increase capacity size, i have 5 hospitals built all fully expanded and i have to stop playing the game once they fill up,
    if you are going to make missions that can generate over 30 patients in one call then hospitals need to be able to handle that.

  • there is an option at the bottom of each transport to leave without transporting the patient, so you dont have to stop playing if you fill up. I have over 20 Hospitals and Fill them up quite often. which is why I am building several more.

    you scroll past your hospital list and very bottom it says leave without transport or something ike that. you only get half of the credits as if you were to transport.

    And this has been brought up many times

  • So for the UK version we have something in mind. For the US we can consider the same or an expansion. Potentially as well we might be looking at a new discharge system that would help, that will probably be rolled out to one game first and then to others if it works well.

  • Tyler, although they might have 30 beds, you have to consider that realistically there would also have patients coming in by alternate means than ambulance. And really the current numbers are more than realistic.

    I suggest a while ago to implement a sort of major incident function in the event there is a mass casualty call, you are able to activate this function on a hospital which would temporarily increase its capacity. So for example irl in major situations they will use tents and beds outside the ED to form temporary extra space. This could be at a cost per hour to the player, maybe a few coins or credits or take a certain amount off the reward for transporting.

  • Realistically, the data says the AVERAGE National Hospital Capacity in the United States is at roughly 191 persons. For neatness purposes I would recommend 200 beds.


    The math explained:

    There are two approaches to alleviate this concern in my opinion.

    OPTION 1:

    OPTION 2:


  • Not going to happen in my opinion for the simple reason of this. My setup means I have over 60 hospitals around the Northwest and Yorkshire in the UK. They are all max level meaning I can treat about 1800 patients over 2/3 days. With what your saying my capacity would jump to over 12k and I have one of the biggest setups in the uk and I can't fill my 1800 beds on a busy day let alone 12k.

    My personal take on this is that you can designate a major hospital with an increased capacity every 25 hospitals or 25 Ambo stations.

    So it could work like this.

    Small hospital -Current version
    Medium sized hospital - up to 70 patients (every 10 hospitals)
    Major hospital up to 140 patients
    (every 25 hospitals)

  • Actually I like your suggestion, here in Jacksonville and I think through out the state, there are "trauma" hospitals that are designated and equipped to receive mass casualty's and the other hospitals would take up the regular calls that would normally go to that hospital. Perhaps a combination of your suggestion and that of Charlieaa would work. Designate a city or county hospital as a trauma hospital allowing a hospital, when a mass casualty event occurs, to increase capacity temporally. To do this would require having enough stations to trigger X amount of patients thus allowing the "upgrade" to the hospital.

  • I like Caolan753's idea, especially if it's every 50 hospitals instead of 25, has big extensions for relatively cheap (25 hospitals=5m, so I think if a player or alliance has contributed 10m toward hospitals, they should have the benefit of a hospital with such a large capacity and a higher requirement so as not to render the regular hospitals obsolete because there'd be too many big hospitals around) and even more if alliances are able to have that ability. It would have a big effect and for those who don't like the low amount of beds in the hospitals, it'll give them a way to fix the delays since they're transporting so many patients and in the future if the devs see so many complaining about how few beds there are, they can just add another larger hospital with a higher requirement to fix the problem. I think this update would also work with the current way where a patient is released per hour instead of one hour after they're transported to the hospital although if the hospitals would release the patient after an hour of being transported there honestly wouldn't be a need for the larger sized hospitals.

  • I agree. We are paying for the expansions anyways. They ain’t cheap either. To upgrade to max capacity it costs 380k so, it’s pretty even. For sure, I think it should be up-ed to like 50.

    I know everyone on the MC team is working hard, no sweat. So, I think we should just let them do their thing. They pump out missions every week for us and they just finished doing a wildness update so, I would bet now that they have more time they can work on it.

  • My two cents:

    I think a simple approach where we do only utilize one suggestion above will result in just delaying further complaints for a few days. The primary issue is that, per hospital, you can only get 24 open beds in single 24 hour period. I've also heard that the medical system in the US game is incomplete because the original dev got bored. I'm not entirely sure what else needs to be added, but I'd expect I'd recommend something as follows:

    (A) Expand Hospital Capacity. I like Caolan's idea of various sized hospitals as it is quite realistic, especially if we can upgrade small -> medium -> large, for those of us who have hospitals that should really be larger than 30 beds.

    (B) Add staffing requirements to hospitals. In order for the specialty rooms to be utilized after the expansion they must have the appropriately doctor / nurse to treat the patient.

    (C) Instead of releasing 1 patient every hour, release times for patients will be based on their priority code, with A patients getting the shortest time in the hospital and E patients the longest. I know this isn't fully realistic, but it is probably the most easily implemented and easiest for the player base to understand. Patient times could be increased by 2% for additional staff that are available and not assigned to another patient. Once they are dropped off, the clock starts ticking!

    (D) Add a mass casualty temporary expansion for major events. This expansion would cost $100k to unlock, but then could be activated at any time (with a 24 hour cool down). Patients delivered to the mass casualty ward would only gain 25% of their normal credit income to the player, but there would not be a limit on how many people the ward could hold.

    (E) Medium hospitals could also be expanded into a University Hospital, where the staff could be trained instead of extra bed space.

    Basically, what an approach like this would do is (1) expand the opportunity to have beds in hospitals, (2) adjust the discharge rate to be based when the patient went through intake as opposed to kicking them out 1 per hour, (3) allow for staff and training of staff in the only building that doesn't have a staff member assigned in game, and (4) still provide a mass casualty incident method for players whom maximum hospitals wouldn't be enough, but at a reduced reward.

  • Yes yes yes!!!

  • Love these suggestions apart from B. This is a dispatching game, so I don't think we'll be managing hospitals, but the idea of a mass casualty expansion is something that's been suggested before and everyone seemed to like it including myself. Good suggestions!

  • Love these suggestions apart from B. This is a dispatching game, so I don't think we'll be managing hospitals, but the idea of a mass casualty expansion is something that's been suggested before and everyone seemed to like it including myself. Good suggestions!

    Thanks, although I can't take all of the credit and I've tried to give credit where it is due when I have incorporated ideas from others.

    I don't know if B would create a system where we are managing hospitals. Thats a whole mountain of work needing to be done. The spirit of my idea was a similar mechanic to crew carriers to speed missions up and increase hospital turnover. I know that especially for the days where I am on most of the day I would appreciate nearly every bit of bed throughput as possible. I definitely don't think a fully engrained hospital management would work in this game!

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