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  • Hello, fellows
    I am Mike the Mechanic, short MikeTM, german, from the german version of this game called 'Leitstellenspiel'. My natural tongue is german, but english seems not to be a great Problem after 12 years of military Service.
    I was born 1961 and playing many games for years. About 4 Month ago, I discovered the 'Leitstellenspiel', and I love it. A friend Shows me this Version, and I try to master it, too.

    I need some help, because the american way to handle such a Forum and ist threats are quite diffrent to the german one.
    Also I can't find an Wiki with Contents, the one I found was nearly empty exept of greetings.

    At first, I have to find an alliance to get help from. I'm located in Manhatten right now and want to expand, naturally.

    PS: I hate the autocorrect, but I ca'nt set it off. Hope, thats not a real Problem.

  • Welcome to the game. There is a wiki (I can’t remember where to find it but I will look around for you unless someone beats be to it) for the US version. If you need any help with the game feel free to ask any questions you have here and I’m sure one of the helpful members on here or staff team will assist you

  • TACRfan

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