Setup for separeate Counties

  • I have a couple of quesstiosn about setting up Statiosn in separate Counties.

    I have one station that is near the County Line. In real life, this staton does not get dispatched over teh County Line. Is there a way to limit this from happening in MissionChief?

    I hope to setup two adjacent counties. In real life, each of the Counties have their own dispatch centers. How do I set this up in MissonChief or is this possible. Once its setup, will my missions be with one county or both counties when dispatching? Or do I need two accounts?

    Lastly, I hope to setup another county far away from my first two counties, when I play, will I need to concentrate on all three counties or just one county?

    Thank you for your help.

  • I'm playing with this sort of idea just now on uk version as I am running trials of covering the Scottish islands.

    I've successfully set my AARR by using custom vehicle classifications for island vehicles and set them only to dispatch as custom class.

    This stops the island vehicles going to the main land. Now in theory I'd expect you to be able to do similar with counties but you would need to sort out almost every vehicle to custom classification.

    My island experiment is successful just now but I'm only running fire, police and medical on one island and on a second island I'm just running medical but will be expanding that later this week to have fire and police, where I may need to reclasify units to be island specific not just classed as islands as that covers all.

    The big issue I can see especially for me is call limitation as it is not practical to build a dispatch centre on each island so may need to get creative but with just covering 2 counties this shouldn't be too much of an issue for you.

  • Dispatch centres are good for splitting up different play areas so would work well for counties

    You can build 1 dispatch for every 25 stations.

    For working as counties you need to set the dispatch stations up to set a separate dispatch area and link all stations in that area to the dispatch for it.

    AARR is Alarm and Response Regulations (think it's the same in the US version) it is basically a quick way to send the units required to each call. It reduces it to one click really.

    I'm not great at explaining aarr so I will leave the full details to some one else

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