Hospital Fire - Major Incident

  • This would be a good idea to have a centralised poi system, there was a script on the DE forums that used a porgram called, this then placed the pois in game, so something like this but centralised for everyone with the option to say what pois you want to be enabled would be helpfull.

    This was the link to the script but it has been disabled-…e/master/LSS_POIGenerator

  • I realise that I myself said about 2-3 weeks this was an estimate based on the way things seemed to be moving at the time. Things unfortunately slowed way down and now I’m unsure but it is being worked on I know that so I will try to refrain from giving time frames going forward

  • i do agree tying the hospital poi tied to the building is a good idea, and having the hospital on fire shut down is also a good idea. Saying that- im sure the devs have alot they are trying to implement and fix , so to the others point, just roleplay the shut down till devs and give an answer . and along the lines, something that could be looked at, a fire or something in any of the stations, it can happen, and i know for a fact it has happened to a vol. fire company near me, many years ago.

    and in closing thks to the devs mods and admins , they do a good job running this game, based on in general it being free to play, you really dont have to put real money to enjoy, like some other supposed free to play games. keep up the good work

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