Service Metrics - give me a larger set of goals

  • Right now you go on missions and if they take a while to get to or to get the right vehicles out to then there is no consequences.

    Every truck is a quint or a rescue engine, no reason to keep anything else around.

    Give me some sort of service level to achieve and maybe some consequences for not getting on scene with the right teams fast enough. Give me some metrics like average response time and time on scene to try to improve, do it faster then get a higher reward. Maintain certain levels of service over time and get other rewards.

    Attach a cost to using certain vehicles, give me some reasons to be more selective with my fleet composition like fuel costs or something. Make it worth having bush trucks around because it makes the most sense to send that and a ladder instead of just clicking on quints. (or whatever combination, just throwing it out there). ALS v BLS too, why even have a BLS in my garage? I just have ALSs.

    I just want to have more objectives and reasons for what could feel a little grindy otherwise. I do love the game, I just want some extra spice.

  • in general i do like the concept, and it sorta goes along with the anticheat, spreading units around to get better response times. but for the gamers that have very large/ multiple cities they play - metrics for response times would hurt them, many play turbo and getting 40 or so calls real quick , there is no way they could dispatch fast enough to keep a fast response time metric low. now if it was an in-game option then it would be better, but forcing all to use would hurt in the long run i believe

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