I just don't get it.

  • How many lines of code can it take to add the forestry extension to small stations. If they can't or won't then allow upgrades using coins. This is silly how long this is taking.

    I can understand your frustrations. The Devs are currently working on the Forestry Update which there's still a lot to do. They also have other versions to work on as well. Forestry Expansion for small stations are in the works I can tell you that.

  • The reason for small stations is so its a basic station with no frills....but its half the cost. If you are unhappy with the amount of time/credits it takes to upgrade for an expansion, it might be better to build regular stations in the future.

    The 100 or so small stations I have are in the rural counties and even some of the cities where all that is stationed there is an engine or ladder. Out in the rural area's there are usually a tanker or two, and 1 or 2 trucks. There was no reason to build large stations and honestly, I never imagined they would do an add on when they introduced wild fires. So I appreciate the input but it makes no sense to build a large station for 2 trucks.

  • So I appreciate the input but it makes no sense to build a large station for 2 trucks.

    The "large station" is just the name given to "the more expensive one" which gives you access to expansions and extra vehicle slots. The station doesn't need to be any bigger if you aren't adding extra vehicles. Call it "upgraded station" instead if that helps.

    Otherwise your argument can be used to suggest that we add the water rescue and ARFF expansion to "small stations" too. Plenty of ARFF stations only have 2, 3 or 4 trucks.

  • No Wings, that is not my argument. I built the small stations in the rural area because most of them don't have anything but 1 or 2 trucks and a tanker. I built "large stations" if they were lucky and had an ambulance. My arguement to upgrade the small stations was, speaking for myself, who would have thought that an expansion would be required to fight a wild fire or forest fire. When they released the update requiring it, I suggested one of two options, allow the small stations to get the forest extension or allow upgrades to the stations with coins. Pretty simple request really.

  • I have brought up the idea of coins for upgrading stations to the devs and they do like it so hopefully we see it.

    As for the next update, unfortunately the fire risk still remains quite high at the moment. I think a Red Flag warning should be issued

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