Police Van / Paddy Wagon / Transport Van

  • I know this idea has been brought up in the past, and on search the last discussion appears to have been from 2018 or 2019. So I figured I would revitalize the topic.

    I think that in the game mechanics now, we have the ability to transport a mass amount of medical patients via mass casualty unit. So why not be able to do the same with PD? I think it's a common concept across the world enough to implement such an idea into the game. I'm not saying like a police bus where you can transport dozens of people, but starting off simple - being able to transport 4-6 arrestees to the station of your selection. I think it would make some of the larger PD calls with more prisoners easier to manage. Open for discussion from both sides of the argument.

  • This would be good. Ideally, the Wagon could even move from mission to mission until it's full, then transport to whatever facility can hold them. I realize though that's a different type of coding then in the past. But still convenient for multi-arrest missions.

  • This is planned and has been for some time, it just keeps getting pushed back for other updates. Maybe once this fire update is sorted we can look into police a little more.

    Also, the prisoner transport system is actually different from the patient system for some reason. When an ambulance arrives on scene it is assigned a patient, when there are prisoners, they will be put in a random car at the end of the mission.

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