Planned Event Missions

  • Hello all,

    I've made this a post rather than putting it in the Mission Suggestions forum as i feel this needs a discussion and i want to know other peoples preferences towards what im about to suggest. So if you don't know the game has timed or planned events, currently the UK game has none of these calls. I know from past versions that there are vast amount all calls that a planned ranging from fire alarm tests to football games, these calls need certain number of units such a fire engine police etc. The calls have count down timers of about an 1hr or longer before it starts. You provide the units whenever you feel. Once it starts the units can be removed but you will lose the call. The call could last as long as needed say an 1hr maybe even longer. Once done the units are released and able to respond to calls.

    I was discussing last night with a friend the types of calls that could be added using this feature and we came up with a few ideas, these being.....

    1) Football match small, Using a POI of stadium would need say police vans riot police etc, lasts 90mins and units can be sent say 2hr before kick off.
    2) Trasnports, This could be anything really and can incorporate alot of things, you could be doing a wide load escort, prisoner transport, medical transport and even diplomatic. Since we know calls can't move this would make an ideal substitute as they could be at the call for a period of time.

    3) Fire exercises, using POIs for things like high rise - hotels - refineries etc, this would add a challenge to the player as you would have to manage resources when units are at the event. So a good example being managing ALP's or making sure you still have cover in more call prone area's meaning sending units from further afield to go to the event.

    This isn't something i'd like to see right away, personally i think we need some more updates but this is an idea i had which i think would be a great way to bring planned events to the UK game.


  • I actually have recently had a chat with the devs about these. I have said timed missions would be good to be added but they need rebalancing as some don’t pay out near enough for the amount of time it takes to complete them

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