Dispatch areas identification

  • We all know about how we can separate out areas by using different dispatch centres which is a great feature.

    Just been thinking as to how I use my dispatches.

    Combined with my AARR.

    I have a set category in my AARR that only is for missions that spawn in my island dispatch area.

    Now it is working perfectly and I have developed a good understanding of the best set up to have for realistic island coverage.

    Anyway what I am now noticing when going through missions us at times I miss a call that is from the island dispatch and send a mainland response which is annoying as some trips are near 2 hours for a main land road unit to get there.

    Would there be any way we could add an option to provide a way to identify calls that generate one set dispatch?

    The simplist way I thought of could be to colour code dispatch centres so that when a call generates the text for the call name is a set colour according to the dispatch.

    Or alternatively a 2 alphanumeric code could be added that displays on call dispatch screen.

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