Some Mission Ideas

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    Hey, this isn't really an improvement that needs to be made but rather a suggestion for new calls. You have any ideas? Post them!

    (the first couple aren't really call ideas)

    1. A chance that a team member may be hurt.
    - I can see where people wouldn't like this but this is just a way I would like to play
    - Like basically on a Mission A team member could be hurt and can't preform duties, or becomes slower
    - Then an Ambulance or Supervisor needs to come and help the injured member
    - Then the team member would be out for a couple hours or so

    2. Patrol Routes
    - I've set up patrol routes for all of my police vehicles and ambulances but I haven't found a solid functional use
    - I was thinking that PD when patrolling can spot traffic violations and earn money from ticketing
    - EX. A Police Vehicle is patrolling and spots a traffic violation, preforms traffic stop and is held back for 3 minutes and at the end you earn 200 credits
    - Also when ambulances are patrolling they can spot road accidents and respond and could need to call for backup
    - (also i think Battalion Chiefs should be able to patrol too)

    3. An improvement to vehicle pursuits
    - What if the vehicle pursuits drove around a station or a dispatch coverage area
    - What if a patrolling officer tried to stop a car and they started to run?
    - What if other units had to catch up to help stop the pursuit?
    - What if there was a chance you could lose them?

    4. Members
    - EX. A PD call appears you send one PD with one member to address the issue what if they could resolve the call but MUCH MUCH Slower?
    - What if they could get injured

    As I'm writing this I didn't have much ideas for new missions so anybody reading this should reply and leave suggestions!
    Agree? Disagree? Lets Talk Too!

  • I just got another Idea.
    I know with dispatch centers you can make your own coverage area but what if you extended that?
    You are able to move a box that shows what your coverage area is, and being able to make it bigger and smaller
    You want a county-wide setup
    But there is a town that has no stations,
    Now that is now included in the coverage area.
    (If you're playing realistically)

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