What I Noticed When I Started Playing This Game

  • Hey, this isn't a complaint but its kinda like me just talking about stuff in MC.
    While I've been playing this game for like a month now and I'm in love with this game. This is one of the best games I've ever played. Normally when I get a Mobile game I play it for one day and get bored, but I cant get enough of this one. Alright, back to the topic. What I noticed when I started playing this game. One my first ever MC account, I started with police, it took forever to get money. Then I tried Medical, what I didnt realize was you needed a hospital, so that didnt go so well. One my Main account I bought FD. I made so much more money. Now I made a test account and I bought FD as well. I bought two FD's Upgraded them, got a Platform Truck, and a Heavy Rescue on top of the Engines. But I was hardly making money. So to new players, this is what I recommend you doing.
    With your 170.000 Credits I recommend you:
    - Get in a big alliance
    - Buy 3 FD's
    - Upgrade 1 FD and Get One Platform Truck
    - Save some money, expand your FD's
    -Then when you have lots of FD's get a Hospital, then an Ambulance station
    - Look at all the possible missions, and expand your services accordingly
    - Buy a FD academy before its too late! Before you have the required amount of FD's for a vehicle that needs educations get a school.
    - Play MissionChief
    Thats what I think the most important parts of playing MC is.

  • Some more tips;

    - Once you reach 13 fire stations, you can start building EMS (at 13 fire stations you will have everything unlocked and you should have all training etc)

    - Police is NOT worth the hassle early game since you barely make any money from their calls and all the "big" police missions require a helicopter which is over 1million credits.

    - EMS patient transports are the best credits in the game currently, 500 per patient but it adds up.

    - Always use SMALL stations, if you're in an alliance you should be using alliance buildings such as hospitals and prisons until you build your own.

    - If your fire stations need ambulance expansions, don't bother buying the station as a "small" just rather save the money for a larger station, this just saves time (isn't the end of the world if you upgrade it from small though).

    - Police motorcycles are not worth buying, even if they're realistic. They can't transport and they don't respond faster than a patrol car, so just spend the money on a patrol car.

    - Don't even touch BLS ambulances, they are worthless and require a flycar to do anything. (for LA I have LAFD's BLS ambulances as ALS, saves time)

    - LSS Manager will save your life and time, gives you more QoL improvements (search it on this forums).

    - Start utilising the Quints & Rescue Engines as soon as you earn Captain.

    - When you do get into PD, K9 & SWAT should be the first thing on your mind. After a few police stations you will require both of these units, and they both require training and it'll become a nightmare if you haven't got it sorted.

    - An alliance isn't a must, but will get you FAR. Teamworks the dreamwork right?

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