Alliance Memberlist Filtering

  • I'm an admin for US National Dispatch, and we recently reached the 6k member milestone. That's a lot of members- our memberlist is at 301 pages as I'm writing this. That being said, sometimes it is difficult to locate users with specific attributes whose names I do not know. If there was an option to filter results by things such as Admin status (Full admin, co-admin, finance, education, transport, action log), donation level, inactivity status, and discount level, this would make it much easier to navigate the list. Things like inactivity status, donation level, and discount level could be limited to admins as they are the only ones who can see that. Even if your alliance list isn't as long as ours, sometimes it's easier to look at a list of only people with specific values than to scroll through half that have it and half that don't.

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