Premium account ideas

  • Just a couple of ideas for premium account perks.

    First off the turbo speed does not work for S***. Even when playing mobile I have over 780 fire stations If I let my calls rack up I can get that # to zero. If I play all day. The timing for calls is not every 20 seconds like it says it should be. ( I know that has been brought up before)

    A couple of perks for getting a premium account should be. I'm not asking for all of these. Just rambling off a couple of ideas.

    1. Expansions to stations or trainings take half the time (including hospitals/jails)

    2. Price of buildings/vehicles should be discounted.

    3. Hiring should be more then 1 per night.

    4. Patients/prisoners should be released at a faster rate.

    My premium membership is set to expire on Nov 13th. I am heavily debating on not renewing that. Sure I like I can do more in the dispatch centers. And I can have more mass Cass units. But other then that there is not a lot of + to getting it.

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