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  • Hi, I have just recently started playing and am very addicted. I am playing as realistically as I can with stations at their correct location and all POIs on real life counterparts (which is taking forever lol) but when it comes to the vehicles my local stations are all quite small and therefore I am running into the problem of only having a few engines for missions and not having the right types of engines for missions. The closest station to me with an Aerial Appliance Truck is around 1hr away and that causes issues when I keep getting roof fires that need it.

    Do you play this realistically with 1 water ladder stations only having 1 water ladder etc. Or do you admit defeat and expand to make room for other units?

    I dread to think where my local hazmat team is or any other units in the later game.

    • PS. If you run a realistic alliance I'd love to hear your rules regarding this as I am looking to join one in the near future :)
  • TamaraCade,

    Welcome to mission chief firstly!

    In regards to your conflict, for now you can buy a platform (or Quint if that’s what it is and you are a Captain or above), you can place it in one of your current stations, then once you expand, you can just move that apparatus to its appropriate location.

    In regards to your alliance request, you can check out the alliance I am in where we play realistically and will always help you out with whatever you need, especially if you’re nearby one of us and we will send units to you. You can check us out with the link in my signature!

    Anymore questions, comments or concerns feel free to let me know!


  • It's very difficult to play this game using realistic vehicle placement because the call generation is not realistic - there aren't many cities that have a hospital fire, bridge collapse, major building collapse, tanker spill all in the space of a few minutes!
    Many players start off with the intention of sticking to realistic vehicle placement but unless you're in a particularly dense city or you have a busy alliance backing to assist you or you turn the call rate right down in the settings it doesn't work.
    Many players, myself included, instead stick to real life station placement but the vehicles at each station do not match real life.

  • On the UK game I've never struggled that much as the missions are more suited to our fire services. I rarely have issues with aerials and if I do I can usually call on mutual aid from my alliance. As for rescues, I've made each support pump a rescue pump so I've effectively doubled my rescue capability should I need it. I have split police up from everything else in certain counties as sometimes I don't like the huge calls. I'm slowly working however on merging police in but it's a long and expensive process.

    On my UK setup on the US game, I'd do the same with rescues plus have an additional fictional aerial in each county strategically placed as that game was far more demanding.

  • I have a realistic set up covering 7 counties in the east and central England and i don't struggle unless I get a multiple large calls. I play to most realistic way including delay time being 300 sec for any retained pump, making sure support pumps run with units which require it and even go so far as to set crews to "cross crew" units such as Rescues and Water Carriers.

  • I play pretty realistically apart from a few additional units like hazmat units. As Cheshire for example only has 1 Hazmat team. But apart from that all units in stations realistic and any additional units are then added to the realistic base units.

  • My set up is realistic as to locations of all buildings.

    Vehicles though are not realistic to locations as would be a major pain.

    My set up is across Central Scotland including Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports and all of Fife and parts of Southern Perthshire.

    I typically set up all stations the same but that has evolved over time with game updates

    Typically they have 2 Engines (RP/CARP mix) those that have no CARP have Arial Appliances. All have Fire Officers and Hazmat units.

    All but some of the legacy stations have Water Carriers.

    I have 6 BASU and 6 ICCU strategically placed too.

    All my police stations have 2 IRV, 1 ARV and 1 DSU (this is behing doubled)

    All ambulance stations have minimum 4 ambulances each has a critical care staff assigned.

    I have 1 RRV assigned throughout the ambo stations.

    My clinics all have 2 ambos although due to critical care not being supported in clinics yet I'm considering putting my OTLs in them.

    That's my main set up. I have a small experimental set up on 3 Scottish Islands this was originally designed to try replicate Scotstar but has been difficult to sort out. Each island has a clinic, police and fire station. All on a separate dispatch and set so I get very basic calls there. I don't get patient transfers from these clinics either which I'm thankful for as transfers would need to be by land ambulance and one clinic is nearly 2 hours from Glasgow by road.

  • I play fully realistic from buildings to vehicles and even shift times for a lot of things (my hems is unavailable at night and I have a general reduction in ambulance capacity overnight etc). I currently cover the counties or Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and London and am looking to expand into the south east now which also will be fully realistic.

  • I also play realistic on mcuk with my UK setup,
    If you are low on a specific unit type, i suggest to build the forces depo or use the HQ station for housing 1-2 spare appliance.
    Another realistic(ish) solution is to check for additional services, like Highways(i use them atm with IRV) , Army(hr, hazmat, MP), RAF(sar heli), hmcg, Mrs etc etc.

  • I also do the same as above, I have coastguard locations RAF search and rescue RAF mountain Rescue/ Normal Mountain Rescue all to cover resources.

    What units do you use for what?
    Also, what type of missions do you send them to as we don't have mispers or such like, I'm guessing you use coastguard for missions like stuck climber.

    I only use Highways bases and have them with ARV'S as I have them attend jobs on major roads obviously and jobs like 'HGV lost its load (livestock)' which requires ARV sometimes.This also limits the possibility of them attempting to transport any prisoners.

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