Number of fire plane stations

  • I was trying to build a fire plane station and it wouldn't let me. It said I could only build three (3). The problem is that I only have two (2). What's the deal here? Did someone make a typo and only two (2) can be built? I went through EVERY fire station I have in my list and there is no third (3rd) fire plane station in the list, nor does one show up on the map. So I'm positive that I only have two.

  • The way it's set up is you can have one Aircraft Hangar with a certain limit of planes in it as you can build them separately alone.

    For example, With my current set up I can have up to 5 Aircraft. Now I can have them all under one Hangar or have them each in one itself.

    The more you expand the more you get.

    Hope this helps, Thanks


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