New York Service Stations Map (FDNY&EMS/PDNY/Hospitals)

  • Good evening.
    After a lot of work and research I finally came up with this maps, be aware all of them still need a lot of rework and etc.

    Feel free to let me know about missing stations or stations that do not exist anymore.

    Keep in mind, FDNY names are not the vehicles each station contains, at the same time I went through each station on Google Maps I noticed some of them contain more vehicles than stated on their names, but you can be sure that every station contain the vehicles stated on their names.
    If you check the description of each station you will find the Slogan/Nickname of each station/vehicle.
    Also some EMS Stations are merged with the Fire Stations, 1 at Queens and another at Staten Island.
    At Queens I noticed there is an area with FDNY Training etc, decided to add it to the map so you can place an academy there or something, I don't know if there is more academies or comand centers, if anyone could tell me so I can add it to the map, would appreciate a lot!

    Most Hospitals may have the wrong name or are at the wrong place. (Manhattan hospitals are a fricking mess :S , any help is appreciated)

    I would like to add to each FDNY/NYPD/Hospitals descriptions the number/type of vehicles they have, also the type of treatments each Hospital has etc, if anyone could help with that, would be amazing.

    Looking to add all Clinics to Hospital Map, Helicopter Stations, Federal Police Stations to NYPD Map, Dispatch Centers aswell.

    If anyone would be interested to help me with all this just contact me here or Discord (TackleToWin#9999) all the help is appreciated, I plan to make maps for others states later on.


    Let me know if you see anything wrong or would like to help. Hope you have a great day! And if anyone could Pin this, think this would be a huge help for many people.

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