• I wrote a fairly large list of improvements to the police / FBI side of the game a few days ago. Here it is: Prisons and other PD Ideas (clickable link).

    I disagree with the Sheriff being renamed. Most of the calls it is required for is warrant related or serving of various papers. In the locations I have lived are all warrants are administered by the Sherriff's office or by a state Marshall (in CT). I don't see the reason to rename a unit that seems to be fairly accurate in its usage in a good chunk of the country.

  • Have to disagree CJ, in the south and west of the US, sheriff's are elected law enforcement that have deputy's working for them. I am pretty sure that serving papers is a north eastern thing. I ran into it when I lived a CT for a couple of years. The Sheriffs worked for the Clerk of Court.

  • I agree with Barake. Sheriff's units are almost identical to police units. Just serving in another jurisdiction outside cities. Only in some rare places like San Francisco, Sheriff are only Correction / Court deputies.

    Like the main author of this thread says, I also would like to have this "Sheriff" unit renamed as SUPERVISOR.

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