• Ok so I am not a new player to Mission Chief, but every since the Sheriffs were added, my mission spawning has been spamming these blasted missions all day, every day since.

    #1 - I DO NOT have a Police Academy built in order to train for these SHERIFFS, yes I can afford to build one, but playing realistically, the nearest Police Academy is nowhere near my Area of Influence, so will NOT be built yet.
    This also means I should NOT be having Sheriff based Police missions spawning.

    #2 - My MAX mission "spawning" allowance is 11 missions, 10 Fire Stations+1, 3 Police Stations, 1 Hospital and 1 Prison; But as of the last HOUR ( GMT 01:15 ) I have

    4 * SERVE EVICTION NOTICE Missions ?(
    2 * SERVE COURT ORDER Missions ?(
    3 * WARRANT ENFORCEMENT Missions ?(

    Every one of these Missions requires that damned SHERIFF

    And for some completely unknown reasons 2 FARE DODGER Missions, which I #A Do not have ANY POIs placed for, and #B I do NOT live in a country that has SUBWAY STATIONS :!: Here in the UK Yes, we have Underground Stations, but the nearest to me is over 90 miles away, so WHY? am I seeing these missions continually being "SPAMMED"

    Even my POIs have all traces of Police Academy and Federal Police Stations UNTICKED, no POIs placed except "Bus Stops" "Farms" "Forest" and "Small Airport"

    IS ANYONE ABLE TO EXPLAIN THIS or better still OFFER A WORKING SOLUTION to stop all these missions taking over?

    Thanks ! :rolleyes:

  • #1, You will get Sheriff calls anyways, even if you don't have a Academy. You need to join a Alliance and use their Training Courses to get Sheriff Units trained. Just because you don't have one doesn't mean you won't get calls that require training.

    #2, Refer to #1, You don't need to have a academy to get those missions. Those units are REQUIRED after 1 or 3 Police Stations are built.

    as for Fare Dodgers, that mission can spawn at a Bus stop, a Tram stop, and at a Train Station.

    In short, join a alliance, ask them to host a training course for your guys, or get a academy and do it yourself.

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  • @TheAxeMan33

    Cheers for the clear-up about Sheriff missions. It is still aggravating that I get 75% more Police missions being spawned requiring Sheriff unit that can NOT be started with only 3 Police Stations than Fire and now Ambulance that CAN and I field 11 Fire Stations.

    I am the Leader for the Alliance ( Family and Friends run, but the current Virus has stopped many playing ) = severe lack of Alliance funds coming in via missions to build both Police and Fire Academies, I can buy a Fire Academy right now, but I play realistically with input from all 3 Emergency Services on Building and Units and the area I play in has NO Academies within a large area, well over the area covered by a LARGE Alliance mission.

    The Fare Dodgers mission can easily be resolved now, by deleting all but "Essential" POIs, so thanks again for clearing that up as well.

  • An option you can try, which may not spawn as many missions. is in your dispatch center, click EDIT, right below where you type in the name of the dispatch center you can Check the box in there. that should only send vehicles you have assigned to that dispatch center. now I say Should. It worked for me for some of the sherriff missions. I did not get as many calls for them.

  • So the answer is to join an alliance that will allows sheriffs training or adjust the dispatch center? That is ridiculous look at this mess that I have. I have nothing but sheriffs calls and I literally cannot earn any money.

    I have one police mission but this is ridiculous since I have 6 fire stations and 4 police stations with no sheriffs stations. I am missing all my tasks markers because of this.

  • Yes, unfortunately you will either need to build a Police Academy or join an alliance to get a sheriff training course. There is no way to disable sheriff calls so the dispatch center won’t do you any good. Just gotta get them. It’s very retarded and the community has tried to get this as an optional vehicle. The devs don’t seem to pay attention, it will be what it is.

  • Yup. That’s the unfortunate truth.

    If you like I can get you into “The Syndicate” in a few moments. Your choice, we offer free courses to all alliance members. Hospitals and Jails are also included as a member of our alliance. ;)

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