Clinics / Hospitals

  • I recently proposed a way to improve hospitals in game to help with the constant backlog of patients active players tend to build up. You can read it below:

    Hospital capacity

    I'd like to propose an additional mechanic for clinics:

    Clinics should be allowed to build any expansion but will be limited to 1 expansion maximum
    (because of this maximum, there will be no prerequisite expansions for specialities such as neurology).

    Now, this would allow me to more realistically place practices such as the Neurological Associates of Vermont, which is really only small enough to be a clinic while having the proper specialty constructed as opposed to general internal. The added realism would also help us reduce patients being brought to the hospital, freeing up more space in our primary facilities. In addition, it seems that you can't have too many ambos and the extra two beds of space would be beneficial.

  • I don't use clinics. I have made some, just to have transports. I would like a fonction to close a building to new emergencies (I would close my clinics).
    For hospitals, I suggest (again) a new value if a patient is treated in an hospital with an extension than one without extension. Some players thinks extensions do not worth their costs. Also, a Helipad extension : All hospitals shouldn't have the ability to recieve a helicopter.
    About Hospital capacity, don't forget you don't have an entire hospital but basically just the Emergency Room of the hospital. 30 patients for an ER service is already huge, IMHO.

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