Suggestion for Statistics

  • Hi All,

    Just a suggestion I'd REALLY like to see added. (Not sure how you others feel about this one)

    Many Fire Brigades publish their statistics per year, per station.

    Now; just like you can add a "response time" or a "availability time" for appliances... Can't we add a yearly fire call average, per station?

    I've got some stations that deal with 10 incidents a year, as busy as a whole time fire stations! So for example, if one station deals with 1240 calls per year, that works out to about 3 fire calls a day for that station.

    I know "Mission Speed" sort of dictates this, but it still does not change the fact that my quiet volunteer/retained stations are flat out and as busy a wholetime station.

    What do you guys think?

  • Hey EPD850

    Im really glad this is being looked at! I personally feel it will REALLY enhance how I play the game, and in terms of realism, it will really improve that for me.

    Maybe I'm pushing it now, but off the back of that, perhaps we could select also, (under a drop down box) "Station Risk Profile" an ABCD scale box, where each level dictates risk?

    A - Very High Risk, big city, lots of high rise fires, room fires?
    B - High Risk, Room fires, road accidents, vehicle fires?
    C - Medium Risk, Vehicle Fires, few room fires?
    D - Low Risk, brush fires, gas spills etc...?


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