Law Enforcement Enhancements

  • Greetings,

    I would like to suggest the following for consideration adding to the game.

    • Sheriff K-9 vehicle. Requirements are Sheriff and K9 training. This would allow for these units to accommodate both Sheriff and K9 missions.
    • Police Transport Van. Transport up to 6 prisoners from mission to jail. Even transport Jail to Jail.
    • Police Chief/Supervisors. Requirement for more than 10 patrol units response missions. Same as EMS Chief.
    • County Jails. No vehicles, with the exception explained farther below. Minimum 20 cells upon opening. Transport from mission or another jail.
    • Prisons. No vehicles, with the exception explained farther below. Minimum 30 cells upon opening. No direct transport from missions, only from County Jails or Prison to Prison.

    County Jails and Prisons could allow for multi-level missions based on Escapes. 1 or more (level-based).

    Vehicle explanation: The only vehicle would be a transport bus. Transport bus would be from Jail to Prison or Prison to Prison to transfer in mates. This also could be a mission where a Transport bus would be taken down and prisoners escape.

    • Remove Jails that do not have cells. Meaning that Small Police Stations do not show up on where to take prisoners from missions, as they do not have cell options.


  • Hello,

    I'd like to address a few things said here. These are all good ideas but I'd like to put in my input.

    A K-9 Sheriff vehicle would make sense but I don't want more hassle with this. It will make the system more confusing and overall less enjoyable. At least it does not sound like a requirement vehicle so I mean even if it gets implemented it won't change the set-up of peoples resources.

    So, for the police transport van and prison stuff you may want to check out this forum page: Police Transport Vehicle **NEW** Yes it was my interpertaion but think it was pretty good and I tottaly go for a re-do of the jailing system.

    In terms of a police chief, they don't respond to a call. Unless there is a large media presence or mass shooting, city wide emergency, they won't respond like that. A police supervisor is not really a job title. It is a category of high ranking officers like LT's Captains and such are grouped. So this is not really something that would benefit realism or make any sense to implement in the game at all.

  • Hello,

    In terms of Chief, I agree. I was going with something similar to what was in game. Chief/Supervisor was the same idea but not a chief title for the reasons stated before about responding to larger events. However, I will disagree with you on the realism or sense of implementing in game a grouped leadership for Law Enforcement. I come from a background of being a former LEO and EMT; in the game anymore than 10 ambulances for a event/mission requirement is an EMXs Chief, this should be the same for LEO and here is why. EMS Chief is acting as director or triage; same with LE with large number of units there is a person in charge of control.

  • I've thought about how my operations in game would be affected if there is something like a police supervisor vehicle. Here's the thing, I totally get where this is coming from and I see how it relates to the EMS chief. I'm guessing the vehicle will just be called "police supervisor" or something like that. I'm building pretty realistically and if we put a police supervisor vehicle in, it would make people add a bunch of police supervisor vehicles. I just think it's not as necessary to add a police supervisor. Their vehicle is usually the same as a regular LEO. Maybe there is different badging but that's about all. The other vehicles like K-9 or Bearcat give the game a different role in law enforcement. It's like how the devs have not added a "Fire Supervisor" yet. If this were to be implemented I would also have to expand my stations to fit at least one of these vehicles. Also bear in mind because I am building realistically it sounds super stupid that I have 14 police vehicles in a station and to have like 1-2 police supervisor vehicles in the same station. This of course would be a requirement for a mission so I'll have to have one regardless. I could add more than 14 vehicles per police station but I rather not because the station is packed in terms of MC standards. I'm not really looking for another requirement vehicle that I would need for the operation I have chosen already.

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