Enable/Disable Hospitals

  • Hello,

    I would like a feature to allow us to enable/disable hospitals. Because there are alliance hospitals pre-existing in my area I would like to transport to those that have all the expansions needed. I have built my own set of hospitals but they don't have many expansions done yet. I would like to be able to disable them for the time being but still have them being expanded as I wait. It's a hassle to scroll down each transport (which I have sometimes have 100) and click on an alliance hospital that I can transport. Yes, LSSM has a feature where it only selects hospitals with expansion only but I have stations in places there are either no expanded hospitals/clinics or they are put there for overflow patients. Even in NYC, I need my non-expanded hospitals to transport too because sometimes there are too many patients. The point is I would like the ability to disable a hospital so I can keep easily transporting to hospitals with the right expansions and slowly phase them in when I feel they have most of the common expansions done.

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