Training centre question

  • hi ya all mary Christmas.

    I have a question. Would love to have it answered asap if possible.

    My parnter want to train some critical care. But dont have to coins to quickly done them.

    I do have coins enough for a training. But I dont focus on ambulance side that my partner job lol.

    What I was thinking is that. I build a ambulance Station then put one crew member in. And my partner fill it with hers. Question is if I do, do this. With I be able the get the full refund of the cost of building. (Normally gets 24 hours refund) Considering I have trained a critical care crew????

  • Flexstar

    Changed the title of the thread from “Training centre” to “Training centre question”.
  • Also note that the station must be in its original form or better in order to get a refund. For example you can’t buy a station with a rescue pump, move the rescue pump out or swap it for a WrL and then refund the building

  • Some advice for you. Maybe turn off the Critical Care option in the settings and get the staff trained up without spending coins. And if you have a training centre with several classrooms you can train plenty of staff. Once you have enough trained personnel you can turn the Critical Care option back on? Might not be completely relevant to your question but is an option for you to consider 😊

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