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  • I use critical care trained responders in different RRV's as Advanced Paras or Specialist Paras.

    These are separate to my 'normal' ambulance RRV cars and also the BASICS scheme responders I've added (who are CC trained).

    Former UK SAR Technician in both MR and Coastal Rescue. Qualified Associate Ambulance Practitioner, Specialist Rescue Officer and Emergency Planner.

    'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are!'

  • Alright, So essentially you are referring to a EMT-P (Paramedic) training, instead of ALS ambulances just being available without requiring training? Advanced Care Paramedic isn't a certification i'm familiar with in the US.

    Hey chp201, I am playing from Canada so there will be differences. Nationally we have 4 levels:

    Emergency Medical Responder - would be similar to US First Responder

    Primary Care Paramedic (BLS) - would be somewhere between the US EMT and Advanced

    Advanced Care Paramedic (ALS) - previously known as EMT-P

    Critical Care Paramedic (Flights & Community Care) - Specially trained for specialized environments.

    My suggestion would be to create an Advanced Care Paramedic qualification that would be required to staff ALS Ambulances

  • As far as remember, this feature was asked for the very first EMS Content Pack, few years ago (that CP with BLS Ambulance / ABCDE Protocols, etc...). At this time, the dev team refused to add an "EMS academy" with ALS / BLS training. So we just have ALS and BLS Ambulances. I don't know if this thing will change from now.
    Another thing to take into consideration is, the actual EMS CP is a Part 1 (out of ??? parts). Unfortunately they don't want to tell us what they are cooking at on the following parts....

  • Canadian Primary Care Paramedics have a high scope of practice as numerous delegated medical acts, I would put them closer to EMT-A myself, looking at the document.

    With that being said, an attempt to roll out ACP training for medics to work on ALS ambulances in MissionChief would be very troublesome for every user who has an EMS base built up.

    Perhaps building Aeromedical (CCP-F) training for HEMS, but even then it could get dicey.

  • interesting, I have a K9 unit treating a patient

    All units are able to take care of patients. They don't treat them (by treating, I mean reduce the patient's bar under the 90%).
    If I'm correct, all firsts units on scene are taking care of patients. Then, medical units treats them.

  • Actually we have the following in the US not all states recognize all of them:

    First responder / Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Levels:

    EMT-B Basic

    EMT-I Intermediate

    EMT-A Advanced

    Paramedic (Medic)

    Paramedic - Critical Care

    Paramedic - Tactical -- I have seen the training requirements of these as they are not widely taught and wow some training requires being blind folded and search a room, triaging and treating patients.

  • I am from Pennsylvania and ours goes:

    Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

    Advanced Emergency Medical Technincian (AEMT)


    Pre-hospital Registered Nurse (PHRN)

    Pre-hospital Physician Extender (PHPE)

    Pre-hospital EMS Physician (PHP)

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