Intensive Care Paramedics unable to transport

  • Hello,

    Shouldn't the ICP (Intensive Care Paramedics) units be able to transport patients. I would understand the ICS (Intensive Care Solo) not being able to transport as it is a single paramedic responder, but I would figure the ICP (2 Intensive Care Paramedics) should be able to transport.

    As noted in the screenshot about an Intensive Care (ICP) unit is on scene but it is still asking for an ambulance.

    For reference purposes, here is the vehicle details below, showing 2 ICPs in the unit.

    Thank you,

  • I also noticed this when the update first came out, as I began replacing a few of my ASNSW IC units with these and then found out I'd kinda wasted money because they couldn't transport their patient, as you would think an intensive care ambulance would.

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