User "rating" in this forum

  • Hello, I was wondering what is the mechanism behind the tags of forum members?

    Right now it says I'm a "beginner", at what point does this change to the next level up?

    Is it related to the length of time on the forum or the number of posts or something like that? or is there a way to relate I to the length of time playing the game?

    I ask because I've been playing MC for more than a year now and would consider myself a little more than a "beginner" at this point?

    I know it doesn't really matter, but to some people in the forum, they may not take on the input of someone labelled as "Beginner" as much as say an "Intermediate" or "experienced", even though they may have been playing the game a long time and just not joined this forum until recently.


  • Jordie8396

    Changed the title of the thread from “user "rating" in forum” to “User "rating" in this forum”.
  • I've never understood these in forums anywhere. Most of the "expert" people that post end up looking like fools posting incessantly (Not always). Maybe a joined in (add date here) would make more sense. There's a few folks with over 4 years playing and are still beginners.

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