Ocean & Bay POI

  • Oceans in MC are boring and you dont get any calls, so If a Ocean POI was added it would make the game a lot better for people who have coastal departments.

    Maybe even a Coast Guard station at some point. Some of the calls that can be added with this POI are.

    Sinking Cargo ship: police, fire, ems

    Sinking oil tanker: police, fire, ems

    Drug smuggling: police

    Pirates: police, ems

    Ship collision: police, fire, ems

    Lost child at sea: police, ems

    Ghost ship: police

    Boat check (lasts for 30 minutes): police

    Illegal fishing: game warden

    Those are just some of the call that would be possible with this one POI. If other POIs are added like Bay, Island, Reef, and Sand bar the water calls would be endless. With thinks from sinking ships for a major call, to illegal fishing for the game warden. If just the ocean POI is added it would be a game changer for people on the coast.

  • In New England, US anyway, USCG and the state's National Guard routinely operate at local/regional incidents. Last week in Massachusetts there were several USCG assets searching for a missing swimmer off the North Shore (USCG Helo, Plane, and at least one boat). New Hampshire's National Guard routinely responds with medevac helo's into the White Mountains for Search & Rescue and medevac carry-outs; as well as provide wildland fire water drops.

    I've seen in-game as well that many players will modify their various stations by using USCG naming. While it doesn't actually modify the game or unit, it shows the concept of USCG or other specific military agencies makes sense.

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