SAR/Coast Guard Station

  • SAR (Search and Rescue) stations would be a great aspect to the game. These stations can have many different vehicles.

    vehicles and expansions


    SAR Truck

    SAR Chief

    Large SAR truck

    Tactical SAR truck

    Airport Expansion:

    SAR Helicopter

    SAR plane

    Water Expansion:

    Large SAR boat

    SAR patrol boat

    Light SAR boat (needs SAR Truck/Tac truck)

  • Unfortunately I would have to disagree with many vehicles suggested. Trying not to list everything out but a “SAR boat” is technically either a fire rescue boat or a police boat depending on what city and department you are talking about. In the United States fire helicopters or police helicopters do search and rescues also depending on the city.

    The category most realistic and would have a higher chance of being added to the game is USAR (Urban Search and Rescue). They are a common search and rescue team equipped for tight urban rescue operations. It has been talked a lot about adding a USAR trailer or a USAR unit. They purpose most like the Search and Rescue vehicles you are proposing.

    However, I get where you got the idea from. in most other countries they have dedicated vehicles and helicopters for it. In the US it is mostly the coast guard, other government agencies, mountain rescue (also frequently talked about here), and local emergency services who preform SAR.

  • The reason I said this, is for Coast Guard. I know other people want a dedicated unit for Coast Guard and I do to, the only problem is the game is made in Russia, I think. So just coast guard I dont see happening, but a SAR or USAR like you said are possible.

    Yes, you are correct. I guess I was to caught up with the “USR” stuff I didn’t think about the Coast Guard. However I would also second the opinion of making a “USR boat” just so we can name it as a “coast guard boat.” I use either a Fire Boat and/or a Rescue boat station for my San Fran coast guard station and a police helicopter for the coast guard heli. Which is why I don’t find we need to add a “coast guard” station to the game. These stations pretty much serve the same purpose even compared to real life.

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