Issue with HART units

  • Hi,

    I seem to have an issue with HART units always being "unavailable", they don't appear in my vehicle list and won't dispatch via ARR?

    I have the station turned on, all staff trained, and all units set to status 2.

    EDIT: They work now but only when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the vehicle list and click the "Vehicle Display Limited! Load More!" button. This is still an issue though, since there shouldn't be a need to have to click that button to use ARR imo.

  • How far away is the base from the job? If you have a lot of units, the game will limit how many load to save on data so ARRs won't dispatch vehicles that aren't shown on the list at the time. There's no need to scroll to the bottom as there's a button at the top of the units to load all of them.

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