Incident units vs personnel

  • Ok so one thing I see in this gem vs real life is why we have so many units come to an incident. Most if the time only the first few units are used for pumping or equipment. The rest are there to provide man power. I may have a commercial fire and use the first 2 engines to pump the fire. The rest of the units are just needed to the crews on them. Doesn't matter if it us a truck, engine squads or an ARFF rig.

    Is there any way to make it to where yea you may need some specific units, but the main objective is solved from the man power on scene

  • There are some missions in the Australian version where there is a minimum requirement of personnel (fire and police), rather than specific amount of appliances.

    In saying that though, the extra personnel usually arrive to the incident via fire appliance though (YMMV), so that would be why some of the larger missions ask for a decent amount of appliances

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