More Dispatch Information for Premium Members

  • Hello everyone,

    My proposal for premium members is a toggle-able feature to show you what units you need at that call always. As you can see in the picture below, if you send one unit to a mission it will then tell you what else is needed. There have been different iterations of this with LSSM having a little pop up on the side window to more easily access the unit count and the game’s way of doing it with the silver button at the bottom right of the dispatch menu. I feel like although some may think it is overpowered, it is not much more different from people using LSSM or AAR’s for every mission. Regular players can find a way to almost as easily get the same result so I think it would be a very beneficial feature to premium members as there really isn’t any help to dispatch units. The only thing relevant to the fact would be EMS stand down. Having a feature like this will bring renewed interest into premium accounts by giving you a simple way to dispatch your units.

    Thank you,


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