• more trailers would be cool. They would work the same as the Light Boat Trailer, you need a Utility Unit to haul it. some trailers could be

    ATV Trailer, can be used for off-road rescues

    Rescue Trailer, this would count as a rescue vehicle.

    Hazmat Trailer, this would count as a hazmat truck.

    These are not needed things, but they would be cool to see in the game and would help people recrate real life departments.

  • Boxgamer103

    Changed the title of the thread from “ATV trailer” to “Trailers”.
  • This would actually be an amazing addition and offer more variety. I would also love it for the realism factor, as the department I am recreating in this game does use a good many trailers, often pulled either by Utility units or by semi trucks, such as swift water rescue boats, Urban Search and Rescue, HazMat, ATV units, etc. It would be absolutely amazing to be able to recreate these units and be able to use them on calls

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