Help for another player

  • From what was being said about the issue above I would agree with TCARfan. As you can see if you press on leave without transport you won’t get any money for it! In terms of even getting patient treatment credits you won’t because if there (was) a transport there, there is a treatment and when this happens they are combined. If you press on a hospital to transport to you will get “patient treatment and transport” funds. This is why you won’t get anything. It should be used if there is no hospital your ambulance can transport to and you need to get your ambulance back...

  • So if I am on the right track. No money was payed out when sending the ambulance away from scene without transport.

    I don’t think this is a bug. The way medical missions work is all the money for that mission comes from the patient rather than the mission, the missions themselves have no set reward hence why no money is payed when the patient is essentially deleted.

    If a player fully treats a patient and then leaves without transport, it would be nice for the player to at least get treatment, I will speak to the devs about that this week

    Yes could this be done across us as well

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