Out of Season Missions and Missions Spawned by Wrong Type of Station

  • I am having a few issues with spawned missions.

    1) Seasonal missions are spawning including Easter, Halloween, and St. Patrick's day.

    2) Police Missions are being spawned by Fire Stations (that are not complexes) and the Requirements page is indicating the Fire Station is a Police Station.

    3) A couple of other players have reported mission spawning well above their current build.

    Besides just being weird, the missions can't be completed.



  • I am having the same issue. I have been playing the game for several years now and just started a new account to do something different. I currently have three fire stations with three fire engines, one engine tanker, and one ladder truck. I began getting police missions interlaced with my fire missions even though I have no police stations. Now I have zero fire missions and four police missions with no way to mitigate them, as I have no police stations. Glad to see this isn't just a personal issue.

  • Yea, I can confirm that. I'm one of those players who gets Missions above my current build. It's crazy.

    For example, a vehicle pursuit which I'd need a Police Aviation station for. I do not have any as of now. Or Fire Missions with 2-3 More required stations than my current build.

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