EMS Command & Premium Auto-EMS Standdown

  • Good Afternoon,

    With the new EMS update, the EMS Command vehicle no longer being made required (instead it is just trained personnel).

    As a result, on large calls where premium users have EMS Standdown on, the EMS Command Vehicles are leaving the scene, resulting in the mission being "short" 2 EMS Command Personnel.

    This is a bit of a disincentive to purchase premium if automatic EMS standdown does not function accurately. (Note: This is the same problem that the EMS Rescue vehicles have. however unlike EMS Rescue where you can send a Fire Rescue, there is no alternate to send for EMS Command which will stay on scene).

    This is a high impact and can affect revenue if the premium features are not working accurately.

    Thank you,

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  • I think he have assigned those educated personnel to regular Ambulances vehicles and thats why he has that issue.

    I would say dont be cheap and have atleast EMS chief vehicles with those educated personnel x2

    So, your 100% incorrect. As I indicated in my post, it was a EMS Command Vehicle that left via the EMS Automatic Standdown.

    Since, you appear to require evidence of same here you go:

    And to further illustrate that 3314 which is an EMS Mobile Command vehicle, if fully trained with 6 trained in EMS Mobile Command.

  • This exhibits the same behaviour as EMS Rescue and HAZMAT Medics, which as I have indicated in my original post has been an issue for quite some time.

    We've had a few people advise the same thing from our alliance and some have had to turn off the automatic EMS standdown as a result. As with the other units mentioned, generally when a form of call update occurs (such as another unit arriving on scene), it will then ask for the EMS MCU Trained personnel. Just like with the EMS Rescue or HAZMAT Medics.

  • I can believe this issue as its a similar issue that has been reported before on the UK version with the operation team leader. Basically our otl is the same as your ems chief.

    Tactical Medics (which dual-purpose as an ALS Ambulance and Patrol Car) will do the same thing with EMS standdown unfortunately as well.

  • I, too, have been experiencing issues with my EMS Mobile Command units (staffed with 6 trained personnel) auto standing down after all ambulances clear a mission, and then later, I have to send the unit back to finish the mission. MissionChief needs to look into this rather quickly, as it is very contrary to a major feature that premium subscribers are paying for. Honestly, I have thought about not renewing my subscription until this issue has been worked out. I'm not sure of the fix for the HazMat and Rescue EMS units, but with the mobile command, it is simple - remove the EMS Mobile Command Personnel requirement from missions. MissionChief, you created a unit (EMS Mobile Command) and should follow-through with making sure that unit is used. There was a lot of argument after the latest EMS update because of this, and you solved it with the "easy way out". You made it so that EMSMC's and EMS Chiefs are inter-changeable. Congratulations, you satisfied everyone by wasting your time. In my opinion, your fix to the issue should have been to make it so that EMSMC's could work as chiefs to cover patient counts from 10 and up, and leave the chief at patient counts 10-24. Your quick fix to satisfy everyone made the unit (EMSMC) that you spent a lot of time creating and planning just plain out useless. You have undercut yourselves.

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