My New Graphic Server for Requests

  • "stop making it look worse for yourself"

    Are you forgetting the time you and your friend actually threatened me? I can post it here if you'd like.

    that as a desperate decision to help ollie and my so called "friend" made it worse and took it to far, i do regret that but maybe you could stop following me round making my life living hell when you can we can all move on

  • surprise surprise hates being called out.

    My comments were placed in what was supposed to be a staff discord for all your communities. But things change that much your staff don't have a clue where they can post. Reason you have done is to create enough confusion to help you feel like your better than them and keep folk down and confused seen it before and it's done by people who are all about themselves. A good community should not need weekly changes.

    Next you sit there and think what you are doing is how it works in the real world.

    Like I have told you I've extensive experience in online community management and know roughly what works and what doesn't.

    You think your some big guy because you run some online communities, I've seen first hand how you treat people and well its laughable. I'd say you also have trust issues as well.

    Yes I ripped into you but I'm sorry they are your communities and when I have an issue I do not see the point of having to go through several people to raise complaint as said before to you. You either accept that you will get folk contacting you with complaints or you give up hosting. If you do not like or can't handle it or have the time you give it up.

  • btw I like your rants on my posts keep em coming!

  • Ok everyone, I am locking this because honestly it’s petty. If you want to argue, do it else where.

    If you want to make a discord for MC graphics then you can absolutely do that, no one is going to stop you and there are allowed to be more than one graphics server, so go nuts with it.

    Thread locked.

  • TACRfan

    Closed the thread.

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