MG (Missionchief Graphics)

  • Hello all,

    I have discussed previously I was working on a project. That project is a new graphic design server. I am a current member of Gaming Zone which is a gaming community centered around a variety of games. It is run by my friend Jamie who revamped the server out of Missionchief Graphics. With his consulting and help I have created the server MG. I have learned much from being a ranking official in the peak times of MCGD, so I want to share my knowledge of graphics as well as the experience of graphic design with an active Missionchief community on discord. My goal is to let anyone who wants to join, have an enjoyable experience as a whole community.

    To be more technical, we are recruiting all graphic designers. Graphic requests are open to the public which means members of this community can start requesting vehicle and building graphics. Other than that, I know more is to come with my graphic designing and new graphics to come to everyone. :)

    Link to the discord server:

    Have fun,


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