Alliance ranking competition

  • Here’s a wee idea that may make inter alliance rivalries a bit more interesting.

    Currently just now we have a ranking page or pages for all the alliances however effectively this page doesn’t really mean anything, so I was thinking that instead of the same “holiday” themed weekend events etc why not every now and again have a mini alliance competition similar to like a World Cup scenario whereby alliances are automatically split into pools based on rankings and then they compete for first second and third prizes based on a number of factors such as event missions completed, money earned etc.

    I’m sure alliances could be split into small league tables of 6 or something and then every member of alliance gets a prize (first gets 500 coins each etc)

    I’m not saying doing this every week or month but randomly throughout the year or sometimes once In two years etc.

    It might just being a bit of random excitement and make the rankings system have a purpose

    Let me know what you think?

  • I like the idea but feel it would need more thought.

    I don't think it would be fair on the alliances where they don't have anywhere near the amount of members that some do.

    I do feel the leaderboards could be improved somehow to make it more interesting and more competitive, not sure how though.. Excited to see the suggestions that come from the community!

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