Lowering costs additional classroom

  • I know that even though it would benefit me, I would disagree. I have over 300 seats available for training my personnel. That includes every single sector, and I don't even train personnel anymore. Once you hit a larger operation setup, you will have lots of personnel and lots of staff if you ever want to train them. I probraly have not trained for a few months now, and I am doing fine.

    However, my point does not apply to the majority of the players. My advice though is to join an alliance. They most definitely have a great training capacity and I even say to newer players, buy a hospital or expand your operations over buying an academy. Once buying so many academies and classrooms it is a bit of a waste of credits, I don't really regret getting them though so my advice for someone who wishes they could get an academy only does it if you want to spend money to make the game interesting. It's a money splurge is what I am saying. This is why I think reducing the price of this item is unnessasary.

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