Welfare vehicle (FRS)

  • Something that has bugged me recently is the number of missions I have which require a HART welfare vehicle. I play realistically and believe there to only be 2 of these vehicles across the south west of the UK within HART. I would love to see a copy of this vehicle available in fire stations (similar to the way the CBRN Vehicle was “copied” from the fire service hazmat vehicle but to be purchased in ambulance stations. The fire service (and certain charities like the Red Cross etc) routinely operate these vehicles and they perform the same function. Being able to purchase some more at fire stations across my area would greatly improve not only my gameplay experience but may well act as a quality of life improvement for many players.

    I’m aware a new police update is in the works, but if possible a standalone FRS welfare vehicle mini-update would be very welcome in the near future.

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