Add Rehab/Canteen Units

  • Hey! I know I’ve already requested ATVs, but I thought of another interesting unit- rehabs and canteens! Rehabs and canteens are units that are critical to larger events- they don’t play an active role in rescue or fire suppression, but they do support the firefighters involved with massive operations. Rehabs are units (usually converted buses) which typically contain medical staff and some basic amenities. They perform tasks ranging from a simple check-up to deciding if the firefighter needs to see a doctor. They provide basic medical treatment for heat-related illness, smoke inhalation, and other common fireground injuries or ailments. In short, they’re critical vehicles on large fires. Canteens are effectively food trucks- they provide food and drink to firefighters responding to large events. They’re not glamorous, but these units would definitely increase the realism of the game, especially for those who strive to produce an exact replica of their region.

  • I would often get a Type 2 Engine (T2 for continuity) and name it a Rehab or Canteen Unit. While in-game it's obviously a fire engine, I figured by adding one extra Engine (in-game) it gets the missions done a little faster, simulating a rehab assignment or unit. And it can be used on any call you might send a rehab, but the game in the future might not. I also would exclude it from AAR's.

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