• Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in or that no one understands you, or simply feel you don’t fulfill certain needs and wants from other alliances, well finally you’ve found sanctuary here with us, we are the Outcasts. Shunned and cast out (Pun certainly intended) from the top 5 by a jealous rival alliance under our old guise of Alba999 but like a Phoenix we’ve risen from the ashes of sabotage and are climbing back towards the top 5.

    TheOutcasts originally started as a small humble alliance solely based in bonnie Scotland however since forming the we have grown and spread around the UK, Ireland and small pockets of the EUBrexit, What Brexit?? Not forgetting the small population of stations we have in North America.

    Our ambition is to continue climbing through the ranks and becoming number 1 alliance.

    We are a friendly bunch of guys and gals who don’t take ourselves too seriously or overcomplicate this game. We try to keep things simple and fun.

    Our main aim and focus is to work together as a team and have fun, which is kind of ironic considering we are the outcasts haha.

    If you feel like you want to join a friendly hard working team then we are that alliance.

    If your main aim is expanding quickly or simply a quiet sedate gaming experience. We can assist in building your account bigger, better and offer some in game advice, tips.

    Drama free and most importantly we all have voice.

    Join us and be part of the new generation and future of the game.

    We even accept flat earthers and unvaccinated people hahaha

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    Changed the title of the thread from “RECRUITING” to “THeOutCasts are RECRUITING”.

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