Fire Investigator Units

  • I am trying to put this guys in my auto dispatch setup and it keeps telling me they are not 10-8 for dispatch when they are. I have tryed moving the id tags around with no luck. Has someone else had the problem and know a fix for it?

    Are these Fire Investigator or Fire Prevention Units?

    Fire Investigators require additional training in Peace Officer.

    Fire Prevention Units do not require any additional training and will cover the "Fire Investigator" requirement.

    The only difference between the 2 units, is that the Fire Investigation will dual-purpose as a Patrol Car with prisoner transport capabilities.


  • Could you post a picture of the error message you receive when you attempt to dispatch the vehicle?

    In addition, could you post the vehicle details screen for the vehicle.

  • That is attempting to send them via the ARR.

    Is the Arson unit on the screen setup in the ARR correctly?

    Are you able to send that unit via manually clicking the checkbox beside it and dispatch?

    Was the Fire Investigator Unit ARR built to send both Fire Prevention and Fire investigation or only Fire Investigation? or was it set based on a customised ARR?

    I have a "Fire Investigation" ARR, setup to dispatch both Fire Prevention Units and Fire Investigator Units (since they both do the same thing), and have not had any issues. The ARR shows a Red "X" indicating that it is either not in range or not available. Which would lead me to believe that Arson 1 is not setup for that particular ARR since it is showing Status 2 (In Quarters).

  • The issue is the ARR not the unit itself. The ARR is either setup for a custom vehicle class OR it is setup as a different default vehicle type.

    The default vehicle classes are at the top of the ARR customisation, with "Foam Vehicles" being the last one. Below that are custom vehicle classifications.

    When setting up ARR for Fire Prevention/Investigation units, you are presented with 3 options:

    * Fire Investigator Unit

    * Fire Prevention Unit

    * Fire Investigation

    If you use Fire Investigation it will select both FIUs and FPUs.

    Based on the screenshot of the error message, it is only looking for Fire Investigator Units and not looking for Fire Prevention Units. It seems that your vehicles are Fire Prevention Units (without seeing the unit setup screen for the units that are not responding).

    This is how I setup my Fire Prevention single vehicle ARR, so it will send the closest FIU or FPU:


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