DOT/Traffic expansion

  • I know in some places DOT (Department of Transportation) is considered an emergency service, and in most city's the police department has their own emergency traffic units. The new missions that could come with this expansion are great, from small parking tickets to major road closures. some units that could come in this update are Utility unit, Traffic unit, Barrier unit, Tow truck, Rescue unit. The utility would work how the FD utility's work (could lead to police trailers in the future). The traffic unit would be used for small road closures, lake a MVA. The Barrier unit is used for large road closures like a bridge collapse and can double as a traffic unit. The tow truck would be used for illegal parked cars or for a MVA. The rescue unit would work as a heavy rescue. if you are unsure what any of these units do or look like NYPD and many more city's use all of these units, All you need to do is google them. Many missions and mission updates can come with this update.


    illegal parked car - 1 patrol car, 1 tow truck, 0 prisoners, $500

    Impeding traffic - 1 patrol car, 1 tow truck. 0 prisoners, $500

    Small road closure - 2 traffic units, 1 hour, $1000

    Large road closure - 1 barrier unit, 3 traffic units, 5 hours, $5000

    Mission updates:

    MVAs, + 2 tow trucks (only if you have the expansion)

    Car vs ... , + 1 tow truck (only if you have the expansion)

    Vehicle fire + Vehicle accidents + 1 tow truck

    Medium flooding + 1 traffic unit

    Large & Major Flooding, + 1 barrier unit, + 1 traffic unit

    Bridge collapse, + 1 barrier unit, + 2 traffic units

    Tunnel flooded, + 1 barrier unit, + 2 traffic units

    Riots, + 1 Barrier unit

    Many more missions could be added and updated to make more money. Please leave your ideas for new missions or missions that should be updated. hopefully we could see DOT or a Traffic expansion in the future.

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