Mass seizure while eating fondue

  • The lack of civility does seem to creep into the internet far too often. Part of the problem, it's hard to tell sometimes if a person is being sarcastic or really offended. Nothing like a face-to-face or a phone call. I finally did get fondue poisoning, thankfully it was near a major city so I had the coverage for it. I think this was a pretty good holiday run. Thanks, guys!

  • Looking back at this mission, It really gave a real-life aspect to how the ambulance service is stretched thin nowadays. So as much as it was annoying it was a real eye opener of how something can strain the system.. good holiday mission guys keep the amazing modification and missions coming

  • This mission was awesome! I earned alot of credits from all the patient treatment and transports! I figured the likely reason for the mission was Cult followings! It was almost the new year and everyone thought the world was coming to an end so they all ate Fondue (Drank the Kool aid!!!) Which caused mass seizures!

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