Premium Account Feature Suggestion

  • I would love to see a premium account feature which allows players to 'host' players using their acount and allow for a co-op play session in the following way:

    Other players who are friends with the premium account (host) in question, can be sent an invitation to play 'co-op' by the host player, using only the host player's units. This would open the premium account units to be dispatched by anyone with the invitation. This "Session" would end when all invited players have either left or been kicked. Invited players would not be able to see or edit any host account details including all personal details, credit and coin balance, messages, alliance information, graphic packs, ARRs or mission speed. The invited players would not be able to collect the daily login reward.

    The invited players would NOT be able to edit any features of any vehicles, set them status 6, move them between stations (except staging areas - explained below), or have any ability to spend the 'Host' player's credits or coins. They would not be able to edit, expand or create any buildings (except staging areas - explained below), and would not be able to hire, train, rename or transfer any personnel, or assign / unassign them to/from vehicles. Invited players would not have access to any dispatch centres including settings, patrol routes etc. The invited players would be unable to interact with any training centres or patients / prisoners currently in hospital / clinic / police station, but could transport patients and prisoners (see below for details).

    The host would be able to override any and all actions taken by the invited players, and could kick them without warning at any time.

    The invited players would only be able to dispatch and cancel vehicles to missions that the host player has generated as standard. Invited players cannot override any vehicles which have been dispatched or cancelled by the host.

    Invited players would be able to request to build a staging area in a particular location, and the host would be able to see where the suggested location is, who the player requesting is, and whether or not to accept the request. Invited players would be able to send units to the staging area they created, and could request to send units to any staging areas created by anyone else (one-time request per session, not request per unit).

    The invited players would receive a percentage of all credits earned *By units they dispatched ONLY* during the co-op session dependant on the host - to a maximum of 50%. The host would receive the rest of the credits earned (not the total amount).

    The host could either give each invited player dispatch control to specific units or stations' units individually, or control over all units under a specific dispatch centre, or allow control of all units on the account. Invited players can also be given "transport privilages" and "Transport locations" they are specifically allowed to transport to, if the host wishes to allow it.

    This would be a role-play based improvement rather than a multi-player buff like an alliance. It would allow players to take charge of specific services in specific areas such as just the police, whilst having the ability to send police units to all missions, including ones which would not normally spawn without multiple other types of service stations etc.

    I would love to hear any feedback about this but particularly welcome feedback from the content & admin team on whether this could be feesable in the future. (I accept this could be several years down the line etc).

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