Kidnapping call requiring 3 HART bases

  • Also going forward will it be possible to have hart calls to only need 1 HArT Base and 3 seems a bit stupid as it needs 2 prv 2 srv 1 welfare the same ada a building collapse and its still 1 HART Base so I dont understand why it is 3 as most ambulqncd services have 1 or 2 (not including Scottish)

    If you play realistic it makes it very difficult to get this missions

  • The Hart base spawns with 5 slots though but 3 is far to high 1-2 would be much better

    Also the building collapse requires 2 prv 2 srv 1 welfare ( maybe a atv) and it requires 1 so I don't see why this should be 3 its just stupid for it to be THREE The whole of scotland only has 3 full time wales has only one most counties share one

    Could you PLEASE ask for it to be reduced. literally everyone who owns a hart base has the 6 required units i don't understand why the devs feel the need for it to be three its just stupid. I know it seems like im getting annoyed over nothing but my hart base has 22 vehicles more then enough for all hart related calls but NO I cant send them to some because the requirement is FAR TO high

    On a unreleated note the stack of corianters fire call has 0 requirements and the foam/base vairent of the mission it just the one

  • People need to start accepting that full realism is not going to be practical for the game.

    Realistic locations is only going to work so far things like Fire Stations, Police Stations, Ambulance Stations, Hospitals and Clinics can be placed realistically.

    Police Aviation you can try being realistic if you wish but you will soon struggle as you get multiple calls.

    HEMS is still not worth the hassle really.

    HART yeah play realistic, that clear that is is not going to work really from the outset as most large calls need it. From what I've worked out you need 3 or 4 times what is in real life.

    Realistic units in stations anyone doing that is definitely holding themselves back.

    If the game stuck to realism you wouldn't be getting all these majors everyday you wouldn't be having the multiple firearm incidents. To be perfectly honest if game was realistic you would get board very quickly.

    This mission doesn't need changed leave it alone. If people want realism then kidnapping doesn't happen all the time so shouldn't really miss it.

    Don't want to cover multiple areas then accept you will be limited to what calls you get.

    I've still not had a nuclear call, meet requirements and all the have poi but I couldn't care as really it's not a call that would be happening multiple times a day.

  • So I do understand where everyone is coming from in terms of Realism etc but as has been mentioned it's not always going to be 100% accurate. In terms of the resources needed to a call and the calls that have been made yes these are 100% true to life however the rate at which they spawn is not. This can come down to many things from what type of setting you use for POIs as these are what spawn certain calls, using your own may not generate these calls as much as when using player placed but with player placed you rum the risk of mutation dumps in small villages miles from anything of the sort. As mentioned you will never have 10 or so firearms calls IRL but because of the small number of calls the UK game has at this moment in time it's always going to be the same calls that spawn over and over. Yes there are bugs within some such as heatland fires etc but when these do spawn for those lucky enough then it brings a change.

    I can only say that as more calls are added to the game the better they will diverse and hopefully calls won't be as representative.

    And yes I do play 100% realistic from 5min turn out times to how my units are crewed both cross and in some cases driving to collect certain assest.

  • I get both sides of the argument and this is a balance we carefully look at when making missions and content packs.

    I’m not one to not acknowledge mistakes I have made and I will take responsibility for not balancing HART correctly. When assigning hart to calls, we looked at calls that HART would attend IRL. As mentioned, because of the lack of variation in calls, these spawn a lot more frequently but also the way this game works it’s not currently possible to make calls spawn realistically such as more lower priority calls. Hypothetically, could a system be made in the future to make smaller calls spawn more? Probably yes, however this will cause players to earn less causing burn out, which something I wanted to do with the U.K. game from the beginning was raise the payouts of missions so that players can feel like they actually are progressing in the game, something which I feel has been achieved.

    We often go for a 60-70% realistic approach. We want things to be British, we want them to be recognisable, we want things to be unique for this version but we also want things to be playable by all, an example of this is the foam, is it unrealistic to be able to fulfil the foam requirement of a large aircraft incident with two CAFS pumps, absolutely it is, however, because we want the game playable for as many people as possible, we have to make CAFS as powerful as a bulk foam unit so that it doesn’t ruin peoples games.

    There is a flip side to all this, those who play as realistic as possible. I personally fit into this category, vehicles may have been taken out of service or moved around since I put them in, but at the time of buying that vehicle, it’s location is 100% correct. This is the same for every special across all of the 17 counties that I cover in England. I don’t want the game to be too arcady for players like myself who do play realistically as this is something that this game allows you to do.

    Now, onto two specifically mentioned points.

    The devs had got the HART requirement for the kidnapping mission wrong and it was supposed to be 1 of each type of vehicle rather than 2. This will be changed and the station requirement will go to 1. This doesn’t mean I am happy with the three HART station requirement in general though. I specifically requested the building comes with 5 vehicle slots so that you can build 2 PRV, 2 SRV and a welfare.

    The HEMS requirement apparently hadn’t been changed to allow players to train crew in CC. This however will be switched to a CC requirement rather than a HEMS one soon, so hopefully that works as intended but we shall see (HEMS and the way it works seems to always be the thorn in my side) so I really hope it gets sorted and can be left as I’m honestly sick of it.

    Regarding HART at missions, I’m not sure how to rectify this. We could stop adding HART to missions that may require HART IRL, but players should note that this may mean we can’t go back at a later date and change them so choose wisely.

    Let me know feedback about this. I do try and juggle all players despite having pressures from all sides of the argument. I do try my best haha

  • TACRfan I completely get everything you've explained, and totally understand the reasons behind it. My (Probably complicated) simple solution suggestion is: Toggle realism vs Arcade. This could be as a premium feature or not, but down the line once the major updates are all out of the way, perhaps a system could be implemented that allows for a more realistic (but arguably slower and less payout-intensive) gameplay structure. A simple setting that would do everything players who want realism are asking for, but when left alone defaults to the current state of the game?

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