What vehicles exactly do you get from the bushfire expansion?

  • Hi everyone, I reached out to support a while ago about what additional content is unlocked with the bushfire expansion but after asking twice, they refused to tell me citing the fact that if I don't purchase it, I don't need it. The also suggested I ask my alliance members but none of them have purchased the expansion.

    Has anyone here purchased the bushfire expansion? What units and missions does it unlock (don't need/want a complete list, just a couple)? I assume for missions it's just bushfires but is there anything else?

    The reason I ask is that I play realistically. If it unlocks things like dozers and tractors (used to make firebreaks and stuff to stop fire spread) then I would purchase it, but if it just adds some crappy fictional vehicle, I don't want it

  • Hello! I would have the same question and I don't get any answers. The only thing you could do to get it out would be to spend a bit of money, dismantle it and see what happens. If it doesn't fit, just tear it down again!

  • The bushfire expansion allowed for the introduction of the following vehicles:

    * Ultra Light Tanker

    * Light Tanker

    (NOTE: The normal fire tanker was renamed to Medium Tanker)

    * Heavy Tanker

    * Pumper-Tanker

    Heavy Tanker & Pumper-Tanker are available without the bushfire extension.

    As well as Air Fire Bases which includes:

    * Water Drop Helicopter

    * Water Bomber

    * Large Air Tanker

    Certain missions will require the bushfire extension, and will have a number of brush trucks required

    (for example, Major Bushfire Cleanup, worth 9500 credits requires 10 bushfire trucks)

    I have not had a chance to personally start the bushfire extension on ACT, soon I will be going back through my setup and updating it accordingly.

    So I have not had a chance to use the expansion yet.


  • Hi ems-chief,

    Thanks for the reply however I am finding this a little confusing.

    So the only vehicles you gain with the expansion (note: I mean the expansion you pay for with fire stations, not the update itself) are ultra lights and light tankers? I remember before the update we used to have light tankers which were renamed to medium tanker with regular tankers being renamed to heavy tankers.

    I have to say, if this is the case, it's a little annoying. I play realistically in rural Vic and it isn't uncommon for our fire stations just have a single light tanker or ultra light, if I want to continue playing realistically, I would need to purchase the bushfire expansion at most of my stations.

    Edit: also what's a brush truck?

  • I will start the upgrade on one of my ACTRFS station and will provide a full update to see what exactly is offered in the bushfire expansion.

    I will report here exactly what is available via the expansion vs regular station.

    The plus side is that you no longer need to upgrade to a large station to activate the bushfire expansion, as it can now be done with a small station (your allowed one expansion for a small station).

    I was waiting to finish ACTSES before going back on my RFS stations to expand, but I'll start one now for ACTRFS Guises Creek as they have a Light Tanker.

    To confirm, the Bushfire Vehicles available at the Fire Station extension is only the Ultra-Light Tanker and Light Tanker


  • I my honest opinion the bushfire expansion is a white elephant. A lot of outlay and waiting for very little, sometimes I'm lucky to get one to drop a day and if I'm super lucky I might get 3 or 4 a week. I'm actually glad I didn't spend a heap of coins etc when it first dropped.

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