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    A little about us: We are a group that have been playing together for a while, and we are based in the UK. We have just started an Alliance (November 21') called Team GB Alliance and are looking for people who have a vision and that vision is to make the Alliance like no other.

    As of the 13th January 2022, we reached page 1, in only 6 weeks. In that time, we've collected over 2.25 Billion Credits, and regularly average 30-50million worth of earnings daily. We are regularly the 5th biggest earning Alliance on the UK server, which for an Alliance that is 2 month old, is pretty good going.

    We're rapidly expanding our hospital and prison coverage along with our training capabilities from those credits earned, with 122 hospitals currently.

    Why should you join us? Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, we want to hear from you. If you have vision, enthusiasm and a real sense of wanting to help build an amazing toxic free community where everyone is welcome and turn it in to a formidable force, look no further.

    If you want to feel part of a brilliant community, come and drop an application. In game search - Team GB Alliance or click here

    Hopefully we'll see you soon!

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